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We are professionals. Our experts are certified and licensed; they have vast practical knowledge and a good track record; they establish precedents, and they engage in teaching law and conducting legal research.

We are saving your money. A major competitive advantage of our company is “the price”. We explore the market regularly and we offer affordable prices not only ours but our foreign partners – patent attorneys.

We are saving your time. We will respond to your any inquiry or offer within several hours. All correspondence is delivered to the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office and received back from it via the PravUM’s courier which guarantees safety of the delivery and efficiency of our work. With our help, registration of a trademark is reduced to several months.

We guarantee quality and confidentiality. We use the quality management system and our experts have a wide practical experience. We adhere to legal ethics, and we shall never disclose your business secrets.

We practice individual approach. We will figure out the essence of your problem and the ways of its decision, and we will explain what you should do and why. We will always be on your side.


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Registration of trademarks in Kyrgyz Republic

PravUM offers a full range of services on registration of trade marks (service marks) and appellations of origins in Kyrgyz Republic and Republic of Kazakhstan.

Steps for the trademark registration
Nice Classification


Design invention

Acquisition of patent for a design invention

PravUM offers a full range of services on acquisition of patent for a design invention (a Design) in Kyrgyz Republic.

Patentee’s assertion
Preparation and registration of licensing agreements


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