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PravUM – legal consulting and representation in the Kyrgyz Republic, and intellectual property protection and legal studies. Read more >>>


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PRAVUM Legal Firm

Legal services and intellectual property

PravUm Legal Firm is incorporated for provision of services to the Kyrgyz and foreign companies and individuals on legal representation, consulting and intellectual property protection. We also develop social projects in the field of the law and business (“Pravo znat” (“The Right to Know”), “Pletcho” (“The Shoulder”).
Our lawyers, patent attorneys and litigators provide the full range of legal services and efficiently advise clients on the tax, contractual, labor, land and customs law, and on the protection of all types of intellectual property including such aspects of the patent right as industrial designs, and such aspects of individualization as trademark (brand), company name, appellation of origin of commodities. Our experts provide services on the protection of copyright and related rights including software and databases, legal analysis and-or preparation of license contracts and their support, and the technology assignment contracts.
We specialize in the pre-trial dispute resolution as we hold the opinion that a bad peace is better than a good quarrel. On this basis we build relations with the clients and develop their negotiation strategies. Yet we also specialize in judicial protection of intellectual property. Lawyers of PravUM have extensive experience in litigation at all levels of courts and resolution of disputes to the advantage of our principals.
Lawyers, patent attorneys and litigators of our firm effectively interact with courts, the tax and customs services. Patent attorneys and lawyers of our firm effectively cooperate with the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office. We have strong relations with the Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tadjik, Ukrainian, and Belarus patent attorneys. We maintain good relations with the patent offices in the far-abroad countries. With all the above we provide assistance in registration of trademarks (brands, service marks), acquisition of patents, and protection of rights of our principals around the world.
Principals of our firm are not only the well-known Kyrgyz and foreign companies but also private individuals being authors and businessmen.



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