Copyright registration

PravUM offers a full range of services on registration of all and any copyright in Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.


Registration of the copyright products is non-obligatory and can be conducted within the entire period of copyright validity. The constitution of Kyrgyz Republic and the Law of Kyrgyz Republic “About copyright and related rights” shall guarantee and protect the rights of the author (authors) on the product invented.
However if you commercialize the copyright, or you sell or create the copyright products for commercial purposes, you must register the products at the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office.
The applicant will be given a Certificate for the product registered (deposited).


The right to apply is given to:

  • The author and his assignees being residents of Kyrgyz Republic irrespective of citizenship;
  • Citizens of Kyrgyz Republic who had invented and announced the product outside the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • The employer by order and on account of whom the product has been created unless otherwise agreed in contract between him and the author.


The application for the copyright registration shall contain:

  • The application for registration of the copyright product;
  • One copy of the material deposited or its copy (a manuscript, book, photocopy, drawings, figures, musical or audio record).


Documents to be enclosed with the application:

  • A certified copy of document to confirm the transfer of property rights if the right-holder is not the author;
    A document to confirm the payment of the registration fee in the established amount or a basis for release from payment of the fee, and for its reduction;
    Power of attorney duly executed in the name of the agent if the application is submitted through the agent.

Except the above, the applicant should sign the Familiarization list of legal relations in the field of service products and the products created under the contract of order.


Period of registration of the copyright product:

The application is considered within 15 days from the date of submission; however this period can be extended for 15 days due to inquiries made by the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office. The Certificate is delivered within 10 days from the date of making of positive decision on registration. Finally, the total period will be 25-40 days.

Fees to be paid to the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office for registration of a copyright product:

  • For private individuals and noncommercial entities – $6 USD;
    For the World War veterans and disabled persons (disability status 1) – released from the fee;
    For students, post-graduate students, disabled persons (disability statuses 2 and 3), retirees – $26 USD;
    For employers of legal entities – $52 USD.


Fee for the copyright registration at PravUM amounts to $100-$250 USD depending on quantity of authors and volume of manuscript.

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