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Published on: 26.10.2011
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If your company has decided to enter new trade markets, to come to international level and to operate in several countries of the region at the same time, definitely you must be sure that your trademarks are registered in due order. Otherwise, competitors will take the opportunity, and it often happens, to register in their names a brand of the competing importer and will block its market entry.


PravUM offers you the International registration on favorable terms:


Application to be forwarded to the Patent Office

If your company wants to register a Trademark in 2-3 countries, the most favorable option would be to apply through patent attorneys directly to the Patent Offices in these countries. For example, filing of application in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan is cheaper and faster than filing of application through the Madrid System. PravUM has strong relations with the Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Tadjik, Ukrainian, and Belarus patent attorneys. Also, we have good relations with patent offices in the far abroad countries.

If your company wants to register a Trademark, for example, in all countries of the European Union the best option would be the registration through the Madrid System which allows considerably reduce the cost and simplify and accelerate the trademark registration. The System excludes postal charges, translation of the application documents into several languages, and payment of fees to the patent attorneys registered in these countries. Also, a period of national registration of a trademark lasts longer and takes over three years, for example in Germany.


The International registration under the Madrid System

This is the registration of trademarks already registered in your country in others 81 countries/participants of the Madrid Agreement on the International Registration of Trademarks and the Madrid Protocol by filing an application to the International Bureau of WIPO Geneva through the national department (the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office) with one application and payment of a single one-time fee for all the applied countries.

The International registration of trademarks suggests a simplified filing of application for trademark registration without participation of patent attorneys in these countries and with no payment of the fixed fee in each country (except for some countries where some individual fees are to be paid, for example in Australia, Norway, the USA, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and some others).

Application for the International registration of trademarks demands compulsory basic registration of a trademark in your country.


Fees for the international registration of a trademark are estimated as follows:

Basic fee:

For a trademark in black-and-white: 653 CHF*
For a trademark in color: 903 CHF*

Extra fees:

Extra fee for each class of commodities and-or services over three 100 CHF*
Extra fee for each country in which the registration is requested (except for individual fees **) 100 CHF*
Fee to the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office for the application and examination 50 USD

* – Swiss franc.

** – For some countries of the Protocol the individual fees are paid depending on the number of classes of commodities and services to register a trademark; the fees are estimated separately for each case. For example: individual fee for the Kyrgyz Republic is 340 CHF.


Contact us, PravUM will assist you in filing the application for the International registration of Your Trademark.

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