Prices for acquisition of patent of design

Published on: 10.09.2011
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  Service   Period /day

Fee to the agency


Fee to the Kyrgyzpatent


Acquisition of patent for a design

Preparation of documents and filing an application
Preliminary evaluation of patentability of a design concept (search of analogues) 3-5 200
Filing and submission of application for the formal, preliminary and substantive examinations 5 – 10 300 / with one variant. For each from 2 to 10 + 70 230 / with one variant. For each from 2 to 10    +115
Registration of a design and issue of patent for the design 100 120
Period of registration of the design 12-14 months
Optional services
Amendment of the application materials at principal’s request at the step of formal or preliminary examinations 3-5 50 30
Preparation of draft of licensing agreement or assignment agreement 7-15 200 – 900
Registration of licensing agreement 100 100 / for one Patent, for each extra + 50
Registration of the assignment agreement 100 150
Representation of Patent holder / applicant in the Appeal Board of the Kyrgyz Intellectual Property Office from 300 100-300
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