Our lawyers

“The staff determines everything. People are the most valuable resource”.


Our lawyers, litigators and patent attorneys obtained legal education and have extensive practical experience in business activities. The experts of PravUM are open to share their invaluable experience by teaching students in higher educational institutions of Kyrgyzstan and speaking at conferences. Besides their basic work, many of them conduct scientific research and legal studies.

To date among all the patent attorneys who professionally provide services on patents and trademarks, the majority is former Soviet engineers or used to be patent specialists/businessmen in the middle 90s; the first group inspires respect as serious engineers-experts, whereas the second group has reduced the patent business to mediation services between the agency and an applicant. And only a few of them obtained good knowledge and experience in the patent and legal firms.

Among the Kyrgyz patent attorneys (total a bit over 30) only a small number have higher legal education. Or on the contrary, the rights and interests in courts are represented by litigators or corporate lawyers who do not specialize in the intellectual property protection and do not know all the nuances of this division of law. As a result of several years of efficient practice we have come to the opinion that the right-holders demand lawyers to possess in-depth knowledge and experience in trademarks and patents. Higher legal education is the main education of each of our experts. All our patent attorneys and lawyers speak several languages.

Our lawyers

Vandaev Aleksei Mihailovich

Director, Partner, Patent Attorney of Kyrgyz Republic No. 31, Lawer
Expert in fields: Incorporeal right expert;  Civil law; Law of civil procedure; Antimonopoly law; Administrative law; Tax law.
Degree: Jurist (commercial law expert), Degree/Date Received 09.30.2004
Institute/ University: Kyrgyz State Law Academy / Bishkek c.
Degree: Organization management, Degree/Date Received 06.07.2008
Institute/ University: State educational institution of professional education Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University / Bishkek c.



Sibagatulina Ekaterina Victorovna

Expert in fields: Incorporeal right expert;  Civil law; Law of civil procedure; Administrative law; Tax law; Corporative law.
Degree: Jurist, Date Received 2005
Institute/ University: Branch in Bishkek of Moscow institute of commercial law

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