“Innovative thinking of a manager is a basis for the scientific and technical progress and business success”


Innovations are the sphere in which many of our principals operate on a regular basis. There are some branches of trade and services which are identified today as innovations, for example pharmaceuticals and information technologies.

Our clients are not only the largest Kyrgyz and international companies, but also private businessmen of a wide range of activities. This web-site represents only a small number of our principals, but we thank all of them for partnership and wish successful business development.

The protected principals by the right are:

Pharmaco Group CJSC — an innovative high-tech company, a manufacturer of medical products in Kyrgyzstan. The founder of the Kyrgyz pharmaceutical industry in accordance with the GMP international standards. The company is known for its brands “Ednipril”, “Pharmadipin” “Trichophar” ;


Shoro CJSC — the largest Kyrgyz manufacturer of non-alcoholic beverages and a unique manufacturer of national drinks “Maksym Shoro”, “Chalal Shoro” and “Jarma Shoro”;



ЗАО «S&T KG» — a Kyrgyz subsidiary of S&T Corporation which is the largest supplier of IT decisions and services to various companies and governmental institutions in 21 country of the world.



ОсОО IT Decisions Center (ITDC) LLC — a Kyrgyz-Russian company, a developer of IT-decisions and services.


«Xinguang» Xinguang Kyrgyz Building Society — a Kyrgyz-Chinese building corporation, a subsidiary of the Chinese corporation “Xinguang” which built presidential-class cottages for the SCO summit in Kyrgyzstan, and multicompartment buildings in Bishkek, the capital city of Kyrgyzstan.

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